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Orthodontic Treatment

Did you know that the correct alignment of your teeth is not just for looks, it is also beneficial for your health?

Correct tooth alignment is important for people of all ages, that’s why our orthodontics team works with both children and adults to repair the cosmetic appearance of the teeth as well as help prevent gum disease and early tooth loss. Orthodontic treatment lasts for 18-30 months using braces in order to achieve full treatment, but occasionally this can be reduced to 6-12 months.

Children should receive exams by age 7 in order to screen for problems that require early intervention and careful growth and eruption monitoring.

At Dr. Zak North Park Dental Care we believe that adults also have the opportunity to cosmetically improve their teeth without the embarrassment of wearing metal braces. We offer several different kinds of invisible solutions to help improve your smile. Ask us about them during your next appointment.

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